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May 25, 2012

June’s photoblog

by intro2ed

Just wanted to include a quick link to fellow Swat alum June’s photoblog! June is teaching in China and documenting her experiences.

November 6, 2011


by intro2ed

Welcome to Intro 2 Ed!

Intro 2 Ed is a group blog of Swarthmore alumni working in education. We’re teachers in public, private, and charter schools, Teach for America and Teach for China fellows, Fulbright scholars, grad students, activists, researchers, and journalists.

We have a number of goals in starting this blog. We want to support each other and create a community where we can continue conversations we started at Swarthmore. We want to present our work to the world, representing a wide range of experience in the field of education. We want to find space to write and reflect.

We hope you’ll join us in this journey. You can meet the bloggers here, and subscribe via RSS here,

Let’s go!