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Intro 2 Ed is a group blog of Swarthmore alumni working in education. We’re teachers in public, private, and charter schools, Teach for America and Teach for China fellows, Fulbright scholars, grad students, activists, researchers, and journalists. This blog is an opportunity for us to support each other, share our work with the world, and find time to write and reflect. Any opinions expressed are our own.

We’re always looking for more people to join. If you’re interested in writing with us, email Will at intro2edblog [at] gmail.com.



Allison Bishop studied Art and Education at Swarthmore College, with a minor in Engineering thrown in for good measure. Currently, she is working as a 3-4-5s teacher (aka preschool, prekindergarten, and kindergarten) at a privately owned preschool and daycare center. She’s turned the closet she should be keeping her clothes in into a pottery studio, and makes a mess in it as often as she can. She loves science and art and literacy, and trying to meld them together in her curriculum. She grew up in Allentown, PA.




Appleseed majored in linguistics and education at Swarthmore. He teaches second grade at a linguistically and culturally diverse high poverty elementary school in a large suburban school district. Appleseed is excited by intersections of language, learning, and popular culture. Appleseed’s brother likes to say “The best time to plant an apple tree is 10 years ago, the second best time is today.”



As a young woman of color from west Philadelphia, Mariaeloisa Carambo has decided to dedicate her life to helping youth from marginalized communities gain social mobility – although she is still trying to figure what that means and looks like. She is currently completing a Masters of Arts in Teaching at Brown University. Since she has only taught in nontraditional educational settings her understandings on teaching and learning are constantly changing and evolving.




Melissa Emmerson graduated from Swarthmore with a special major in Educational Studies and Psychology and a second major in Linguistics. She is currently working as a Kindergarten paraprofessional at an elementary school in Norristown, PA. In addition to working as a paraprofessional, she is continuing her research on motivation in science with Ann Renninger, writing an article with Diane Anderson, and working for the Educational Studies Department at Swarthmore College. She grew up in Ringwood, New Jersey.




Jon Kwan studied philosophy and interpretation theory at Swarthmore and is now a 3rd grade Associate Teacher at Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School. Prior to becoming an elementary school teacher, he coached the debate team of his former high school, Lynbrook. Jon enjoys thinking about the philosophy of education and how to become a better teacher. He is from San Jose, California.






Kaz graduated from Swarthmore in 2010 and has been a science teacher at a private school in the Philadelphia area ever since! He sleeps less as a teacher than he did as a student.











Mary Prager is a 2011-2013 Teach for China Teaching Fellow located in the little town of Chafang, Yunnan Province, China. At Chafang Middle School, she teaches English to a class of 53 7th grade students in addition to expanding the Justin Bieber fanbase as part of the 7th grade oral English curriculum. She grew up in London, England and Tokyo, Japan, and graduated from Swarthmore College with a B.A. in philosophy.





Ben Rachbach graduated from Swat with a special major in Education Studies and Chinese in 2011. This year, he is on a research Fulbright in China studying information and communication technology for education (ICT4E). He is based at the Northwest Socioeconomic Development Research Center (NSDRC) at Northwest University in the city of Xi’an in Shaanxi province in northwest China. His current research plans include researching a computer-tutoring program in rural schools run by the NSDRC and returning to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Beijing, where he did research last summer, to design educational software for children of migrant laborers.




Faiza Siddiqui studied Sociology-Anthropology and Gender and Sexuality Studies at Swarthmore. She is currently serving a two-year commitment with Teach For America in Eastern North Carolina. She works as a high school English teacher in a rural community in one of the most segregated areas of the state. She is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has a passion for cooking, badminton and feminist politics.




A biology and German Studies double major at Swarthmore College and avid basketball player, Kathryn Stockbower firmly believes in the value of learning a foreign language and the importance of athletics in the lives of young people. She is currently working as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in a public school in Rodgau, Germany. In addition to her part-time teaching duties, she has been teaching a basketball gym class, playing some basketball of her own, tutoring English, taking courses at the University of Frankfurt and spending way too much time riding public transportation.



Will Treece studied history and education at Swarthmore, and is now an editorial intern at the Philadelphia Public School Notebook, an independent newspaper reporting on the Philadelphia School District. He feels pulled toward both journalism and education, and is always looking for opportunities to bridge the two. He grew up in Tokyo, Japan.






Ashia Troiano graduated from Swarthmore with a special major in History and Education and a minor in Black Studies. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in teaching at Brown University. She can’t wait to be a middle school history teacher!







Z, the Signifier is [still] a senior at Swarthmore, just on the cusp of a Bachelor’s in Education & Linguistics. He’s exiting the college world at a faster pace than most, opting to live far off campus in West Philadelphia and only taking one class at Swarthmore this semester. He is trying to figure out how exactly he’s going to go about getting certified in Elementary Education. He’s currently a tutor at a K-8 charter school in Philadelphia Chinatown, where he teaches English as a Second Language and provides support for English Language Learners in grades 1 to 8. He’d love to find some way to teach young ELLs how to read. He probably ought to learn some Mandarin. If you have any suggestions on how to do either, let him know.


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